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  • Image of The Happy Handbook (EBOOK)
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This book holds a very special place in my heart.
I dedicate "The Happy Handbook" to my beloved brother, Joshua.

Joshua taught me a lot about happiness and how to live within the light, so I feel that it is an honour to share these words with you. I hope that you love this book as much as I adored writing it.

In this eBook, I dive deep into what happiness truly is, and how to master it. With major key components to leading a happy life being discussed, I aim to remind readers of the true simplicity involved with creating a happy life.
I feel very grateful to share my little words of love with you all, and am so grateful for your support with this book.

Inside this book you will find;
Over 90 pages filled with varied chapters on mastering happiness, beautiful imagery, as well as 20+ vegan recipes designed by myself to help you enjoy food (as that is a MAJOR part of maintaining a happy life)!

Please note: This is not a physical copy, this is purely an electronic download that you will receive via email, then be able to use on a computer, smartphone or tablet device.

When purchasing this ebook, you will be asked for your shipping address. Please fill this in. Obviously this is an electronic book so you will receive it via email, the website just requires a shipping address!
Payment is made by credit card (debit card that you use for online shopping also works), however if you're unable to pay via card - please shoot me a message and I can organise for you to pay via PayPal.
Also please note that the link you receive via email will expire after one download, so please remember to save the book to your computer or download into iBooks on your iPhone or other smart phone device.
It's good to note that if you're opening this on a computer, make sure you expand the doc by pressing (if on a mac) the little green button next to the red and yellow, as this will open the file to fit the screen and look like a proper book with pages!