• Image of Love Above All Tote Bag
  • Image of Love Above All Tote Bag
  • Image of Love Above All Tote Bag

Over 10 million plastic shopping bags are used each day in Australia. Single use plastic has a devastating effect on our planet and our marine life. By choosing a reusable bag, you have the opportunity to make a positive change.

"Love Above All" is a quote that has stuck with me after a beautiful friend shared it years ago. To me, love is the most important component of our lives. LOVE truly is everything.
By rocking your Love Above All tote bag, you're promoting:
2. How awesome you can look while grocery shopping.

When designing this tote, I felt inspired by simpler times during the 1970's and the free love that was shared and encouraged. I hope this is reflected in this tote!

High quality printing on a high quality, ethically made bag.
320 GSM
100% Cotton Canvas
42cm x 42cm

Thank you for making a positive change!

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